Project Partners

Digital Innovation Lab

Established in 2011, the Digital Innovation Lab’s (DIL) mission has been to:

  • combine the project-focused organizational model of the laboratory with the social model of the network to stimulate digital humanities work as public goods: digital projects, products, tools, and applications that are (1) of special social and cultural value, (2) can be produced for free public use (or at a minimal marginal cost), (3) are scalable, (4) are reusable and repurposable, and/or (5) serve multiple audiences/end-users within and outside of the University
  • facilitate humanistic research and community engagement with large-scale data sources, and, in the process, guide the humanities’ transformation from enterprises predicated upon data scarcity and remoteness to those that assume data hyper-abundance and ubiquity
  • develop, test, and document best-practice models for faculty and student work in public humanities that integrates community engagement, digital technologies, and inter-disciplinary inquiry

Visit our website to learn more about our work, and to follow our progress as we continue to develop Prospect.

Levine Museum of the New South

Levine Museum‘s mission is to engage a broad-based audience in the exploration and appreciation of the diverse history of the South since the Civil War, with a focus on Charlotte and the surrounding Carolina Piedmont. Through the Museum we collect, preserve, and interpret the materials, sights, sounds, and ideas that illumine and enliven this history. The Museum presents opportunities for life-long learning about this history for the benefit, enjoyment and education of children and adults, and provides historical context for contemporary issues and a community forum for thoughtful discussion.

Since our founding in 1991, core values have guided what we do and how we do it: Scholarship, Education, Collaboration, Inclusion, and Fiscal Responsibility.

We believe in and are committed to using history to build community.